Offering Hope For People In Haiti

South Beach nightclub promoter and entrepreneur Michael Capponi is standing in the soon-to-be inaugurated lobby of his latest luxury development.

Men are hammering away to restore an historic old building to its former glory. Michael Capponi, 39, is holding forth about the amazing vibe the place has, comparing the semi-derelict building to Ernest Hemingway’s famous old Key West residence, which is a popular tourist museum.

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Haiti has been through some hard times in recent years. The area experienced an earthquake only a few years ago. There were several thousand people killed. One man is building a nightclub in Haiti, giving the people there a sense of normalcy that they haven’t had in quite some time.

Michael Capponi saw a vision in Haiti, and he has gone after that vision. The club will have a feel of the Caribbean. This is something that the people in the area might like with the design, decorations, drinks and food. It will be a place where people can gather to unwind after a long day or where they can socialize with others. There are so many in Haiti who don’t have the chance to not think about building a home or wondering where they will live. A nightclub might not be a home, but it’s a place where they can go to take a little stress from the daily life.