Party Promoter Makes A Big Career Move

There are many movers and shakers in a hot area like South Beach, but few are known for their ability to make the nightlife sizzle more than Michael Capponi. Capponi originally made a name for himself in South Beach due to his incredible ability to promote parties and to make events truly hot and exciting, and he accomplished this without even owning a nightclub or another related venue himself. He simply did his part to promote parties and special events in other venues, and he has been very successful in his efforts. More than that, Capponi also has been linked with Ritz-Carlton South Beach as a nightlife ambassador.

These may be the career highlights that Michael Capponi is most well-known for, but Capponi also has most recently been linked with top condo developers who took advantage of his expertise and connections for their benefit. The developers for Ten Museum Park, Chad Oppenheim, Gregg Covin and Armin Mattli, sought advice about the location and design of their project. They also tapped into Capponi’s extensive contact list database to help sell their condos. This was a thoughtful, beneficial move on their part. With Capponi’s help, they sold 95 percent of their condo units in less than ten days.

michael capponi

Capponi may always be best known for promoting parties and special events in South Beach with dramatic flair and with incredible results, but he also has found a unique niche recently in the real estate market. In real estate as well as in party promotions, who you know truly does make a world of difference in your level of success. Real estate developers who wish to sell their developments quickly need to take advantage of their contacts, and a great way to accomplish that is to reach out to others in the local area who have an extensive database of contacts, such as Capponi.